Now a days it is very common to be in relationship or to be in live in relationship. When the relationship is new people are more happy with their partner. But as the time passes, quarrel starts happening in many relationship for many reasons or the one cheats to his/her partner. Due to this reasons many of us gets depressed.

Because of depression we started living a kind of life like stay up late at night, Doesn’t taking food properly,staying alone, avoid to getting socialize with family and friends,listening sad songs, or sad shaayaris (that makes feel more depressed), avoid to talking with anyone. Living this kind of life style is not good for health and your career.

Its not your mistake

It is not your mistake that you are behaving like this or you are feeling like this. It’s a life and we are humans everyone makes mistake. I want to tell you something. You know what love is not bad but the person you love is bad. So this all has happened to you may be just because you have chosen the bad one. So stop punishing yourself by living a depressed life. And the great news is that you are trying.

No, I am not lying you are really trying to heal your heart and proof is that you are here in this post and reading it, so congratulations buddy. I have also face this depression but with the blessings of god and self support, I have recovered from it now. When i was at this phase of my life nobody is with me to whom i can talk, who can understands me but you are lucky in this matter. I am here to help you, to understand you. I am writing this post Broken heart Let’s give a try to overcome from it to help out the people who is suffering from this kind of depression. Because in this condition self helping is too much important. Here in this post Broken heart Let’s give a try to overcome from it, I am sharing some methods that i have applied for myself i really wish that this will help you too.

Throw your inside burden out

You are feeling bad because something unsaid has remained inside you, or you want to say a lot but not saying anything may be because of three reasons, first no one is there to listen you and understand you and second you don’t want to say it to anyone and third reason is that you have tried to share your problem, your feelings with others but they are not interested to listen and this one hurts more.You know what nobody has enough time to listen your problems and feelings. You have to face it all alone. you have to make yourself strong enough to deal with it.

Keeping it inside will make you feel heavy only. So say it, say it all in alone whatever you wanted to say. Don’t leave even a single word inside you. Just throw all your burden by saying unsaid things that you feel. This will make you feel so light.

Cry if you are feeling crying

Don’t hide face it, if you are feeling crying then cry, cry as much as you want because once if you cry till you get fully satisfied then you will never cry again for the same reason. Crying will make you feel more lighter. Nothing is bad in crying it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, first of all you are a human and you have feelings. There is nothing like bad or illegal to express your feeling. So if you are feeling crying just cry, and as i have said before no one has enough time to listen your problems, so cry alone this is much better than crying in front of those who doesn’t care.

Removing the things

Remove all the things from your life that makes you feel sad, depressed or crying.

Stop doing the things that makes you feel sad

In this kind of situation, most of us started listening sad songs, updating sad status in our social media profiles, keeping sad dp, reading sad shayari etc. I am telling you guys seriously you will get nothing from it except depression. This behaviour of yours will make you more sad and depressed only.

So replace it with positive things like replace your sad dp with positive thoughts dp, read positive thoughts, listen motivational speech instead of sad songs, update your social status but with the positive thoughts, if you are a book lover then you can also read motivational books. Watch comedy movies, videos, clips, read jokes, you can also read memes in social medias. Keep yourself happy because you are special and pure soul.

Stop thinking about them

Stop checking your partner’s social media profile, stop checking their last seen and status just block him/her stop thinking that where he/she is or with whom he/she is stop thinking about your ex and start thinking about yourself when he/she doesn’t care about you then why you care about them, remove your ex from your life and gift your soul a peaceful life.

Try to live a normal life

Take your breakfast, meals on time, take proper rest, sleep on time like 10 pm or 11 pm , wake up early in the morning like 5 am or 6 am, go to the morning walk in the garden. If you are unable to go out then you can go to your terris or out side near your home. Fresh air in the morning will make you feel so good and refreshed. You can also do yoga and exercise. Try to keep yourself busy in your work or do something related to your good hobby like painting, dancing etc. This will help you to stop over thinking.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Some people started taking alcohol and smoking due to this problem. Don’t do this please avoid to take alcohol and smoking this is so harmful for your health.

At last…

Try to apply all this methods in your life you will surely see the good results. I hope you guys like the topic Broken Heart Let’s give a try to overcome from it. Stay happy and Stay positive.

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