Don’t Trust Blindly

Don’t Trust Blindly

Don’t Trust Blindly

Today I am going to telling you about a person who is hard-working, brilliant-minded, and loyal but still gets fails in business. His name is Rehaan. Now you are thinking that if rehaan has a brilliant mind, he is hard-working and loyal, then why he still gets failed. Let me tell you, he gets failed because he trusts blindly. Lets read the story of Rehaan so that we can learn something from his mistake.

About Rehaan

Rehaan is the elder son of his parents. He belongs to a very prestigious rich and royal family. But because of his father’s mistakes and carelessness, They had lost almost all their money. At that time he went out of the village to study. But when rehaan comes to know that his father is facing great loss in the farming business, he dropped his studies and come back to his family to handle the situation. Rehaan started working to manage the financial condition of his family. He worked hard and manage everything at that time. After some time he shifted himself from village to city.

After shifting

After shifting to the city rehaan gets married. He Had some staff to take care of his farming fields in his absence. Rehaan thinks that the staffs are old and they are working for my family for a long time so he trusts them. As you know the farming work is open fieldwork. You have to stand there or you have to make stand someone there to take care of the fields. So Rehaan gives the responsibility of taking care of his fields to the staff.

But the staff cheated on him. They sold 90% of the vegetable, flowers, and grains in his absence. And whenever he visited his farm and inquire about it, the staff used to tell that this time farming hasn’t grown much. And this happened so many times. Her wife has also tried to explain him, that the staff are liars. They are selling all the vegetables and flowers behind your back. But rehaan didn’t listen to her and continually invested in the farm. When the big losses arise then he stopped investing there.

Rehaan’s business startup

After that rehaan started a wholesale business. In this business too, he kept the staff because it’s not possible to handle alone this business so he kept the staff. In this business also rehaan trusted blindly to his staff. And this time too his wife said to him not to trust them blindly, do not handover the godown keys to staff. But this time too rehaan didn’t listen to her and trust the staff blindly and his cheater employees continued to sell the godown goods in his absence without informing him and due to this he again suffered losses.

Rehaan make one more mistake

In this business, rehaan had make one more mistake. He trusted his customer and give them goods on credit. Selling goods on credit is normal in business but if you are not able to recover the money from customers then you should not sell the goods on credit. This could be harmful for your business health. He was unable to recover the money from customers. When rehaan’s wife realizes that rehaan was not able to recover the credits, she warns him. Do not sell the goods on credits otherwise, you will face a great loss, but he didn’t listen. He trusted blindly on his customers. He gave them goods in credit with the hope that they will pay him with honesty. But the customers didn’t pay the amount faithfully and due to this he drowns in debt.

After that…

After that whatever business he started he gets failed because he never learned from his mistake and repeated the mistakes again and again. He trusted blindly on his staff and customer and because of this, he started getting financially weak. He didn’t listen to his wife that’s why even after hard-working he still faced the loss in every business.

Moral of the story

Being Brilliant minded and hard working is not enough to become successful in life. You also need to be smart, a good learner, and a good listener. Only then you can achieve the success

Trusting blindly on someone will cause you losses only, that’s why don’t trust blindly on anyone.

At last…

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