Exam and Career Failure Depression?

Exam and Career Failure Depression?

Exam and Career Failure Depression?

This is a very common but too much important topic. There is a lot of confusion, fear, and depression in youngsters to make a good life and career. Reason of confusion is, no one is there to guide them properly. At home, Parents advised to study well to become an Engineer, Doctor, CA, CS. In school also, teachers taught the students to study well. They also say that if you do not study well then nobody will give you any job. You will be left behind in life then you have to sell tea and vegetables at roadside. By saying all this things they thinks that students will get scared and will concentrate in studies.

And the truth is…

Students gets scared and they feel pressurized. And because of this fear and pressure they becomes unable to concentrate in their studies. Fear start dominates on them. In many people, this fear of being behind dominates so much that they take wrong steps like suicide when they fail in the exam and it’s not just about the students. It is also about those youngsters who had completed their college studies and gets failed to achieve the success in career and because of failure they take the wrong step.

In this kind of situation becoming tensed and depressed is normal. But it is also true that by taking depression and tension nothing will happen it will only increase the problem.

Choose the subject and career of your Choice

Dear buddies, for making career so many options are available in today’s time and every field has a good scope. To get into someone’s point or forcefully taking a subject and career in which you are not interested, is stupidity.

Choose the subject and career in which you are interested, do not think about what others says. If you choose a career or subject of your interest then you will enjoy it and you will never feel irritated from it you will also get success for sure.

If you get failed then try again

Do not get depressed by listening to anyone. Don’t be afraid, If you get failed in exam in first attempt then try again. If you get failed this time too then again retry but don’t get depressed. You have your whole life, keep trying.

If you failed in career then don’t worry. Don’t think negatively like everything is finished. when you started you had zero experience but after failure you’ve got experience. Start your career again and try to remove all the deficiency that is in your work before.

If you fail again then start once again but don’t give up, because trying is better instead of giving up.

First collect the information

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the field you want to make career in, then firstly collect the information about it. Different kinds of sources is available for collecting the information like you can ask from your parents, your teachers. You can also search in you tube and google.

Be positive…

Don’t think negative about anything. If you will think that you can’t do that then your mind will stop working towards it. And if you think that you can do it then your mind will started working automatically.

The most important thing is that you will learn

Watch that what the world is doing and try to learn from it. For becoming successful it is not necessary to follow the world. In fact if you will do something different then you will get highlighted specially. If peoples say that you will get failed in your studies then you have to sell tea and vegetables at roadside, I say what is bad in it ? No work is big or small it’s just only about the way you see it, nothing is bad in it. This works also need hard work. This work is better then finishing your life and begging in front of any one.

Don’t think that any work is big or small , if you got the opportunity then do it. In every work whether it is small or big you will learn something. Learn to stay relax. If you take tension , then your mind will stop working. That’s why, whatever bad will happen in your life first don’t take tension. Try to keep your mind relax after that think about how to solve it. May be it will take some time but you will get success if you try.

Your career choice

Sometimes after listening about your career choice, parents says you will earn less in it if you will choose this. Buddy, if you earn less then no problem but you will be happy. Because you are doing what you are interested in. You will live with satisfaction.

Choosing a career which is filled with money but is not of your interest will you stay happy? No, you can earn lots of money but everyday you will feel irritated with your work. So which life is better? Choosing a life that you can live happily or choosing a life in which you will earn lots of money but you will not happy. Take care of your happiness, do not choose a career in which you are not interested.

About earnings

One more thing about earnings. Huge earnings are not depend on any special kind of career and work. It is only depend on how you are working, if you work in small level you will earn less. If you take your work to the high level then you will earn more. Make yourself strong enough to accept the failure and move on.

At last…

Hope you guys liked this topic “Exam and Career failure depression” 🙂 . Don’t forget to share your opinion about this post in the comment section below.

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