If you are investing then do it on your own

If you are investing then do it on your own

If you are investing then do it on your own

Hello readers, Today I am going to share an incident with you that has happened with me. A few months ago, my brother who is a great share market expert had shared a scheme with me. That scheme was a auto pool income scheme in which first you have to deposit some money then you will get your money with profit in a year. And for redemption you have to add atleast 3 members.

I was confused when….

When he told me about this scheme, I was feeling little confused to pay attention towards it. Because the main thing was I had to add the members to redeem money. And accept it or not, for making members you have to give your time. At that time I was not sure whether I will be able to add the members in it or not but he was my brother so, I trusted on him and thought that if I wouldn’t able to add the members then he will help me out atleast to get my investment back and with this opinion I started searching about the company.

In my search I got negative and positive both about the company. But again my trusted one tells me about it so I invested in it. After investment I tried to approach the people to share this scheme but nobody showed intrest in it. So I talked about it to my brother and asked him to provide me some members. As I have already tell you that he was a share expert and he had a big client base but he refused to help me out. He said he has no member for now. When he said this to me my reaction was shocking. I am not saying that he is a bad brother. He is a good brother. My intention of sharing this story is only that you can take lesson from my mistake.

Things I have learnt from this incident

From this incident, I learnt one thing that if you are investing then do it on your own because no one is going to help you out. It doesn’t matter how much the person is closer to you. Second is that if you are not sure about the company you are planning to investing in, then avoid to take the chance. You will get so many opinions from different people and every one will tell you on the basis of their experiences. So don’t go only with people opinions, listen to your inner voice also.

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