Reasons why so many people get unsuccessful in life

Reasons why so many people get unsuccessful in life

Reasons why so many people get unsuccessful in life

In this world everybody wants money every body wants to be successful in their life. Everybody wants to be rich and wanted a luxurious life . They also does hard works for it but still gets unsuccessful in life. There is not only one reason for failure, there are many reasons, let’s talk about the reasons why so many people get unsuccessful in life in detail.

Unable to keep the patience :-

We want everything so fast and hassle free . We think that we will get everything so quickly like we have started a business and we will start to earn in huge amount suddenly as we have planned. And when we don’t get the response from things like we have planned, our mind get disturbed and frustrated. And due to frustration we start to pay less attention towards that work or we close that work.

This all happens just because we didn’t get the response as we have planned, Always remember that things take time to work. You will get the response like you have planned just keep the patience.

Lack of consistency :-

In my earlier post, “Toxic habits you should avoid”, I have already tell you that how lack of consistency will never let you become successful in your life. You can read that article by clicking on that title. It will be helpful for you.

I have meet with so many people who are saying that Mam we are working consistencily but still getting failed. I replied to them, If you are keeping consistency in your work and still getting failed then check your work process where you are lacking and where you are making mistakes try to make it correct then work again with consistency. You will get good results for sure.


Many of us try to do so many works at the same time. Our mind thinks that we can do this and that too. Even I have tried to do multi-tasking once in my life. At that time my mind was filled with so many ideas and those ideas looked so easy to execute. So I set my plan like I will work on this idea for two hours and for that idea I will spend three hours to work. But when I have started to work according to that plan my mind was started feeling so exhausted, so frustrated and due to this I was unable to concentrate on anything.

I was feeling like I was running in a very long track without taking rest. With this multi tasking I got nothing except failure, exhaustion, frustration and tiredness. But now I have realised that multi tasking will not going to make you successful or rich faster.

It is so good that you have so many ideas

It’s good that you have so many ideas and plans to execute. But if you are feeling about your ideas like it is easy to execute, I can work on all ideas at the same time then my dear friend you are wrong. When you will do it in real then you will actually feel that how much mentally and physically power it takes. If your mind is filled with so many ideas then take a note book or diary and write on it and execute it one by one.

There is a famous saying in India “Ek saadhe sabo sadhaaye, Sabo Saadhe eko jaaye” Meaning “If you concentrate on only one thing at a time then you will achieve anything but if you try to concentrate on everything at the same time then you will lose everything”. So do not try to be a multi tasker. Execute your plans one by one, when you get succeed in your first plan then execute other.

Lack of knowledge :-

When you don’t have complete knowledge about the work you are going to do then how you will do it properly? Sometimes it happens that we saw doing some kind of business or work to other people and thinks that we have enough knowledge about it and we can do it easily. But the truth is things are not always same as it looks. So before starting anything search about it properly . I have already posted an article on the topic ” The power of knowledge”. You can read it by Clicking on the article title. This article will help you to learn the importance of knowledge.

Not intrested to learning new things :-

I have seen so many people’s who are not interested in learning new things. They are happy with their old techniques.

Always remember that if you will keep learning, you will keep growing. That’s why learning new things is important especially if it was related to your work.

Afraid to take risk, Lack of decision making power, Over thinking, Lack of confidence, Self doubting.

These are the 10 reasons why so many people get unsuccessful in life. If you are having all these 10 reasons then you need to work on yourself immediately.

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