The magic of thinking

The magic of thinking


Did you know whatever you are today is just because of your thinking. Yes, you read this right. Your thinking impact your whole life. You become what you think and this is the magic of thinking and that’s why your thinking matters. Your quality of thinking matters. You take actions according to your thinking. If you think positive you will live a positive life. Your mind will stay happy and relaxed and if your mind stays relax then you will be able to pay attention towards your work properly. And you know what your glow is different when you are happy from inside.

There is one more benefit of thinking positive. You will be able to understand the situation properly and your anger doesn’t get over you. You know how? When your mind is relax, you are able to understand the things and situations properly even if anything bad is happened to you. You will be able to keep yourself calm and when you stay calm you have the power to take the right decision. Another kind of quality thinking is, thinking logically. Logically thinking saves you from unnecessary drama. it’s my personal opinion, I believe in thinking logically.

Now let’s know about bad quality thinking.

Bad quality thinking starts from thinking negatively . When you think negatively your life becomes paralyzed. It never lets you do anything good things. This negative thinking will destroy your inner peace. It will make you feel like restless ,sad , hopeless, jealous from others, arrogant etc. It will destroy your capacity of taking right decision. With negative thinking you can’t stay happy . Another kind of bad thinking is logicless thinking . Logicless thinking leads to do the sense less things which makes feel disturbed not only to you but also it disturbs the people around you. This negative thinking is so bad that I even hate to write about it.

Save your self

Save yourself from bad quality thinking. Nobody likes the negative people and their company because they are disturbed in their self and disturb others also. And keeping good quality thinking will make u happy, people will like to be with you, enjoy your company. If you want to live your life peacefully then start improving your thinking quality. When you will start improving your thinking quality you will be able to see the good changes in your life by yourself.

Thinking quality is not only limited to positiveness

Good quality thinking is not limited to positive thinking and logical thinking it is also about not to be arrogant, do not jealous with others, do not stabble of others. So try to keep all this qualities in your in your mind, and live your life peacefully.

At last…

Your quality of thinking will either make you or destroy you. It’s all upto you what you want to be. If you want a peaceful life then improve your thinking quality and see the magic of thinking.

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